What I offer

I’m here to help small businesses get to grips with their marketing and make the most of all things media, online and social. If you’re not sure where to begin with one or all of these things, just give me a bell on 07970 805656 and let’s have a chat. I’ll even buy you a coffee. Small steps, nothing scary. Good, honest advice. If I can’t help you, I’ll surely know someone who can! Here’s your starter for ten on areas I cover:

Marketing Strategy – Where are you today with marketing your business? Have you got a plan and do you use it? What works, what doesn’t and what should you try next? How to implement an integrated but simple approach that makes marketing work effectively for your business.

Social Media and Networking Training – Which tools are right to use for your business? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. How to use, manage and monitor them effectively.

Blogging – What is a blog and why should I have one? How to prevent writer’s block and encourage chat on your blog.

Media Relations Training – How should you talk to journalists? How to work out your key messages and get them out to your target media.

Website Evaluation – Are you getting the right traffic? Do you look at Google Analytics? Are you using SEO (search engine optimisation) or Adwords? How to remove the barriers to lead conversion and encourage loyalty.

If what you need isn’t covered above, just give me a ring to find out if I can do it (or I’ll let you know which of my buddies can).

Call 07970 805656 or Tweet @steph_m_power.

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