Should I run my business through Google?

Whilst researching webhosting options and working on another WordPress site, my thoughts turn to Google. Can I…? Should I…? Who else does…? …Run a business through Google?

When I say run a business, I mean my online presence and communications. Well for £3.30 per user per month it appears I can have my cake and eat it. Google Apps for Business seem to do everything a small business could want. Email, websites, calendars, video chat, groups, documents, mobile sync and more. You can even start with the free version if you don’t need it all and have under 10 users (which is more likely for me for now).

I’ve had my gmail account for a few years and have never had a problem accessing or using email. Now with Google+ and other things I’m running through it, such as adwords, reader etc, I genuinely believe that as Google works so well, then why not use it for business? Now, I’ve just got to convince the others and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Where am I with Google+?

Good question. I have an account. I have some circles. I have some friends in them I think. I have done some +1s. I’m still none the wiser with it to be honest.

Then I read this And it made me feel better.

So, I will be spending some time with my Google+ account and I plan to put into practice what I learnt back in February on the BTEC for Social Media. Now…where are my notes?

Donuts help with social media

Day three on our Social Media for Business BTEC and the donuts have appeared to help us digest the dodgy machine-generated coffee. Then this picture appears! Very relevant to us and the raspberry jam dripping onto our laptops. I’m all for simple explanations and do like this, however I think the last point is a little wide of the mark. Having just learnt more about Google+, I can really see how this is going to become much more mainstream and as accepted as Facebook and Twitter as a contact mechanism. I think it will become much more useful for businesses going forward. There are some things that annoy me about the layout as a newbie, but I’m sure beta testing will iron these out.

Social Media Donuts

Social Media Donuts