I’m so excited, oh yeah…

2013 has taken an interesting turn for me. I’m still keeping quite a few plates spinning, but my main focus is to help in the launch of start-up business Seriously Connected. This is a fantastic business concept which will service the independent specialist recruiter industry and I have a lot of time and respect for the two directors (doesn’t hurt that one is my sister!). Next week I will be attending my first expo for a fair few years to learn more about the recruitment industry and hopefully meet a few willing journalists and bloggers. The following day I will be donning my TigerNash cap and delivering #stephsprezi to willing listeners at The National Space Centre in Leicester. I’m not sure what I’m more excited about: being asked back by Smith Partnership to deliver the briefing on Social Media or the fact that I’ll be doing it next to real Moon rock! Pictures will surely follow.

Me and Valentino

Ok, so if you know anything about me, it’s more than likely motorbikes have cropped up in what you’ve read or spoken to me about. Today I’m wearing a massive grin as a picture of me and fellow volunteer Becky has been featured in a photographer’s newsletter mailout. So what? I hear you cry. Well, it just so happens that this newsletter also features my biking idol Valentino Rossi. Check it out here. The photo was taken backstage at Day of Champions, Silverstone, June 2012.

On this momentous occasion (!) I’m indulging myself just for one day and shouting about how proud I feel. It’s unlikely to ever happen again and I love my volunteer work at Riders for Health, so I’m promoting that at the same time. If you’re a photographer, motorbike racing fan or indeed a Riders for Health fan/volunteer, you’ll simply adore Scott Jones Photography. Proud gloat over, thanks for listening!

Me and Valentino Rossi

Me and Valentino Rossi, DoC 2007

The Prezi Virgin: update

My post as TigerSteph on the TigerNash site about the presentation I gave on 19 September can be found here. I won’t repeat myself, but I did have a great time and would love the chance to do it again. What I do want to say is how I got on with using Prezi.com, following my post that I was going to trial it.

Firstly, I’ve come to the horrific realisation that I’ve hit ‘that age’ where technology has annoyed me because I didn’t get the hang of it staight away, so I thought it was a waste of time and headed back to my Microsoft safe haven of PowerPoint. A week or so later, I came to my second realisation that I am older, wiser and there is more in my brain, hence it takes longer to learn things and having kids is my excuse for less active cells anyway, so I should give it another go.

I would love to say that I enjoyed the experience, but honestly I much prefer being shown how to use things in person rather than learning online, that’s just how I am. The video tutorials for Prezi were really good though and if I had the time, I reckon I could get the hang of it and make some pretty nice presentations. Depending on the type of account you create with Prezi, it allows you to store, share, edit and publish your canvas creations.

Considering I’m a PC rather than a Mac chick (I think Mac users will feel a more natural affinity with Prezi), I did manage to import my existing PowerPoint presentation and make it a little more funky than your average bear (yey me!), but given more time I would like to create something from scratch in Prezi. So for those who would like to see my first attempt, have a butcher’s here and if you want to make your own, then set aside some time, take a deep breath and give it a go!


Where have I been?

Well, to tell you the truth, nowhere. Apart from setting up new business TigerNash Ltd, with my old buddy Mel Kanarek; running two houses, two girls under three and a husband; volunteering for Riders for Health; helping my sister to set up her new venture, Seriously Connected, and my parents to work out how to sell their established garage business; and becoming chairman of charity, Kaleidoscope Community Music, I’ve really been twiddling my thumbs working out what to blog about 😉

Anyway, I plan to be back here regularly talking about things that are going on with me, my work, and interesting stuff in marketing and social media. Now, where’s the coffee and cake…

Another marketer joins WordPress

It’s about time I had my own site, so I’m starting here. As a Chartered Marketer and PR Professional for over ten years,  I’ve witnessed the explosion that is the use of the internet as a publisher, community commentator and contact mechanism. With this in mind, I start my BTEC in Social Media for Business on Monday, so wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it goes.