What others say…

…about me:

“Steph presented to a forum of our clients and contacts in relation to social media in September 2012. The presentation was fantastic in terms of content and learning experience and we have had great feedback from attendees who felt inspired and more knowledgeable in tackling the beast that is social media for the purposes of promoting themselves and their business. I cannot recommend Steph enough as a trainer. Her style is light, user friendly and fun making the topic interesting and easily understood.” Louise Haward, Associate Partner, Smith Partnership

“Steph certainly changed my mind about the PR industry. Her confidence and ability to engage us in the process buried any reticence I had about engaging a media marketing specialist. Steph quickly got a handle on ATEC Security’s PR needs and got results. She is fun to deal with, professional, delivered the goods with little direction from me and always brought fresh ideas to the table. I would not hesitate to recommend Steph.” Simon Adcock, Chairman – CCTV Section at British Security Industry Association, Managing Director, ATEC Security

“Steph is an exceptional person to work with. She brings creativity, enthusiasm, commitment and energy to helping us manage our high-profile stage show at ‘Day of Champions’, which is our biggest UK annual fundraising event at the British round of MotoGP. Steph has helped me shape the event over the years into the professional package that our visitors see today and we are very lucky to have her. I recommend Steph highly to anyone that needs a person of outstanding calibre who will take a fresh, practical, lively yet solid and professional approach to the job or project in hand.”  Emma Howard, Director of Executive Office, Riders for Health

“I was a Chartered Accountant before I embarked on setting up my business, with no knowledge of advertising, website design or the world of Facebook. Steph supported me all the way and without her I would not have achieved what I did. She has been absolutely instrumental in my website and logo design; proof reading the content,  advising me on layout and helping me communicate with my website designer. She never stops coming up with wonderfully creative ideas and her enthusiasm is infectious. Even now I never hesitate to ask her for her opinion when designing new advertising literature or new website pages as she always adds value and helps you perfect everything.” Sarah Bittner, Owner, Creative Little People

“Steph has helped our business progress through the myriad of social media. She has always been happy, helpful and knowledgeable. She is personable, good value, fun to work with and has high integrity (a rarity in marketers I feel). Thanks Steph – looking forward to working with you again.” Sharon Lowe, Owner, The Pure Emporia

“Steph leaves other PR consultants in her wake. She’s extremely creative, highly motivated and scarily productive. It was a pleasure to work with Steph for 3.5 years and if you have the chance to work with her, I’d recommend jumping at it.” Phil Szomszor, Head of Business and Digital at Firefly Communications, managed Steph at Berkeley PR

“Steph is an excellent PR and marketer with the drive, knowledge and creativity to deliver successful campaigns in a variety of sectors and industries. Working with Steph was an absolute pleasure and she was instrumental in developing my own career. A fantastic mentor, Steph has the ability to bring out the best skills in her team to ensure the very best results for clients.” Elizabeth West, PR Manager at Alton Towers Resort, reported to Steph at Berkeley PR

“Steph was not only a highly motivated and dedicated Manager but always had time for the people reporting to her. She somehow managed to juggle managing several large accounts with educating us trainees. She oozes creativity and has a huge passion for language, be it English or German! To be perfectly honest, Berkeley PR was the perfect company in which to be trained up after coming out of University and Steph was the perfect Manager.” James Marples, Press and Communications Officer at Chesterfield College, reported to Steph at Berkeley PR

“Steph is great to work for and she played a pivotal role in helping me establish and develop my career in PR. I joined Ascent PR (formerly Berkeley PR) as a trainee and Steph was always on hand to teach me the practicalities of delivering successful PR campaigns. As a lateral thinker, Steph thinks outside the box and has the ability to take a complex subject and turn it into plain English. She thinks creatively and more importantly, has the knowledge and skills to integrate creative ideas into campaign strategies. It was an absolute delight to work for Steph and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Dana Corson, Account Manager at Proactive PR, reported to Steph at Ascent PR

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