Me and Valentino

Ok, so if you know anything about me, it’s more than likely motorbikes have cropped up in what you’ve read or spoken to me about. Today I’m wearing a massive grin as a picture of me and fellow volunteer Becky has been featured in a photographer’s newsletter mailout. So what? I hear you cry. Well, it just so happens that this newsletter also features my biking idol Valentino Rossi. Check it out here. The photo was taken backstage at Day of Champions, Silverstone, June 2012.

On this momentous occasion (!) I’m indulging myself just for one day and shouting about how proud I feel. It’s unlikely to ever happen again and I love my volunteer work at Riders for Health, so I’m promoting that at the same time. If you’re a photographer, motorbike racing fan or indeed a Riders for Health fan/volunteer, you’ll simply adore Scott Jones Photography. Proud gloat over, thanks for listening!

Me and Valentino Rossi

Me and Valentino Rossi, DoC 2007

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