Endorse my boxes!

I’m starting to enjoy LinkedIn again. I know it’s vital and a fantastic tool, but sometimes I get bored and want to play on something else. Why am I getting back into it? Well, just maybe it’s drawing me in again thanks to the quick and easy endorsement tick-boxes that LinkedIn has introduced. I’m not convinced it’s the right thing to do for the professional platform in the long term, but what it has done is made me open LinkedIn nearly everyday, whereas previously I’ve been a bit sporadic.

Despite my reservations, the feature gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when someone who knows I can perform these skills pats me on the back virtually. I then in turn want to pass this feeling on to others. It’s a bit like ‘poke’ of ye olde Facebook days in its fun approach to what can be a daunting task if you’re not a great writer or gushing recommender. Maybe you know someone can do the task and do it well and you want to commend them for it, but you may never have employed their services.

Perhaps the endorsement feature’s value lies more in the personal relationship side of LinkedIn rather than in providing new business support which is what you get from a professionally written recommendation. I’m sitting on the fence at the moment as to whether it will truly devalue the more traditional recommendation and I’ll continue to endorse those that I know can do things well until such times as LinkedIn changes. So for now, here’s to sharing the warm and fuzzy feeling and thanks to those who bring a smile to my face whenever anyone endorses my boxes!

3 thoughts on “Endorse my boxes!

  1. I’m really getting back into LinkedIn. After being dormant for a while, it’s really pulled its socks up with lots of new features. But I’m not sure about endorsements. It’s nice to get them, but then you don’t know if you should give them back, remember who endorsed you – it’s a whole new type of social media embarrassment in the making!

  2. I know what you mean, but I felt a tad embarrassed when we started doing written recommendations too. Do you always return them? Do people care if you don’t? I think the same rule applies to endorsements, only give them if you genuinely know that a person can do something well and ideally have experience of it. Another can of worms though isn’t it?!

    • I’m fairly careful with written endorsements, although do get asked a lot by interns etc., but don’t have a problem with that. The problem with these new endorsements is that they’re too easy to do – it’s no harder than clicking Like, so has limited value. Minefield!

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