Fire the intern!

One of the hot topics of discussion we had today on our Social Media BTEC course, was who would you put in charge of corporate social media communications? Would you outsource to a specialist who would ensure the dialogue is professional? Would you get the MD or CEO to do it who probably knows little about the media but a lot about the company? Perhaps leave it to the IT geek with access to the latest apps? Or are you more likely to let the intern handle it because they spend their life on Facebook anyway?

Many social media disaster case studies exist (Nestle on Facebook, Kevin Smith and Southwest Air on Twitter and more and have put the fear into some companies which prevents them from properly engaging social media. So how can we protect firms from making these mistakes and stop the knee-jerk sacking of the intern reaction?

The answer, as I see it, is advanced training for those who will be in charge of the social media interaction and a solid social media policy which is rolled out across the company, ensuring staff understand the company’s stance on all things social network related and what will and will not be acceptable behaviour.

You probably already have an email and internet usage policy, so now is the time to build your social media policy. Try the Policy Tool for Social Media. Let me know how you get on.

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